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We fully understand:
  • the requirements and expectations from buyers,
  • laws and regulations from national and local government,
  • multiple monitoring schemes & tools,
  • reality and challenges in supply chain.
Beyond traditional compliance preparation and monitoring, hiding and searching of Tom & Jerry, we initiated a cloud system to ensure more transparency and efficiency in supply chain.
Suppliers or manufactories can
  • study the requirements and key points of risk and performance management in the system,
  • implement and follow the requirements,
  • self-check their practice,
  • upload evidence with photos, short videos, documents/records and/or description onto the system when they feel comfortable, which will be further clarified and reviewed by clients or the 3rd party.
It ensures
  • comprehensive understanding,
  • continuous improvement,
  • saving cost,
  • reducing multiple on-site audits.
The result could be used to demonstrate the best practice, compliance and continuous improvement to buyers and other stakeholders.
We developed tools for popular CSR modules such as BSCI, SMETA, ICTI, WRAP etc.